students questions

Teacher's answers

do your homework
Why do I have to do my homework?

What to do if I don't know how to do my homework?
The reason I give you homework is to give you chance to practice new language skills. Also when I'm checking your homework I can see what part of knowledge is still difficult to you and then I can explain those parts one more time.

If there is enough time ask me for additional clarification-you will always get it. If there is no possibility to ask me (eg. it's late night) do your homework the best you can. It's always better to have your homework done incorrect then to not have your homework.
do your homework by yourself
Can I asks Polish speaker friends for help?
You need to be careful about it. Your Polish speaker friends don't know what is your level of knowledge in Polish, and they can advice you to use more advanced structures then you are able to use.
use tools recommended by teacher
Can I use Google translator?
To translate single words yes. To translate sentences or paragraphs - NO. Google translator do not know Polish grammar so translations are incorrect.
meet deadlines
What will happen if I forget to do my homework?
Tell me about it as soon as possible. We will arrange the new date and decide on consequences.