Most of students find it very challenging, boring and not useful to reflect on your own actions during CAS projects. Sometimes students don't now what to write in their reflection. This page is to help you with your reflections.

Form of reflection - first off all it doesn't have to be written reflection.

1. You can make the video of you reflecting on your project and send it to me in mp4 format
2 If you don't like to video yourself you can just record your voice and send it to me in mp3 format
3. you can make the presentation (power point or prezi) with lots of pictures and some your comments (here you can see very advance presentation of diploma student)
4. if you choose the written form it also might have different forms
a) diary which you write during your project, so any time you did something for your project you can record it and write few sentences. It will save your time at the end of project because most of your reflection will be done already.
b) letter to someone you helped during your project

What to include in the reflections?

The most important thing is that you reflecting on YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Here are questions that might be helpful when you reflecting

1. Describe your CAS project.
2. How did you serve this community?
3. Why did you choose this project?
4. What was your role in this community before you completed this project, what is your role in this community after you completed this project, and how did that role change?
5. What part of the learner profile did you use/develop during this project? Explain.
6. What struggles or challenges did you have during the project? What did you do well during course of the project?
7. What were at least two things you learned (skills and/or life lessons) throughout this project? Think about the struggles/challenges you faced and how you overcame them to help you understand what you learned.
8. How did you feel during the project and right after it?
9. How will you use what you have learned from this project in the future?