September 21st - 23rd Middle School students participated in Integration Workshops wit ATUT students in Krzydlina Mala. There were two main targets of this trip: to integrate students and to help children in orphanage. We have achieved both goals in 100%.

Before trip we have collected 11 boxes of supplies for the smallest babies such as nappies, dry milk, creams, soaps etc. The head of orphanage in behalf of children thanks to all of you who have contributed to this action.

DSC02530.JPGDuring those three days students together prepared activities for children age 2-11 years old from orphanage and after present it to them. Orphans loved to take part of our activities, they really had a big fun. The hardest and the most touched moment was to say „good bye”. Orphans and we were crying and we promised to come back yet.

In our free time students participated in integration activities such as barbecue, swimming pool, sport games, singing, dancing etc. Everybody had great time.